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Slides: EmpowerStats Analysis Main Features

Follow me exercises

1.     Start a new project:  demo2 project

2.     Create new variables, code and label variables.   (Create and label:  SMK, EDUC, BMI, BMI3 and SNP1;  Code & label SEX, OCCU and ALH)

3.     Create table for “Characteristics of study population”

4.     Create table for “Univariate analysis”

5.     Create table for “Startified analysis”

6.     Create table for “Multiple regression”

7.     Using automatic analysis design

8.     Create table for “Interaction test”

9.     Smoothing plot and Threshold analysis


Exercise 1:  Start a new project:  demo2 project

Create a new directory called as “…\My documents\EmpowerStats Files\EmpowerR_demos\demo2”, and download a text file (demo2.xls) and save to this directory

Then follow following steps to start a new demo2 project

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1.     Click “Browse” button after “Data file” and select “…\My documents\EmpowerStats Files\EmpowerR_demos\demo2\demo2.xls” as the data file

2.     Working directory will be automatically preset as same as the data directory “…\My documents\EmpowerStats Files\EmpowerR_demos\demo2”

3.     Enter “demo2” as the project name

4.     Enter “Demo Project 2” as project description

5.     Click “Open” wait for a couple of seconds, you will see following variables view window:

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Click “Project” menu, and then click “Save”, save demo2 project