Label variables

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Variable¡¯s name and code may not be easily understandable.  You can re-label variable¡¯s name and its coding to be readily identifiable. To do this:

Right click the variable, and then select ¡°Edit label¡± in the popup menu. This will bring up ¡°Input labels¡± window, for example to edit label for ¡°SEX¡±, the window is as:

Description: ScreenHunter_11 Sep. 27 10.28.gif

In the above window, type in label in the text box (eg. ¡°Gender¡±), then select the coding (eg. ¡°1=Male 2=Female¡±).  Empower(S) detects the coding for categorical variable and gives potential labeling for the coding for you to choose. For example, in the above example, SEX was coded 1 and 2, the potential labeling will be ¡°1=Male 2=Female¡± or ¡°1=Female 2=Male¡±. 

If you could not find the code labeling for your variable in the potential list, you can enter the labeling for each code.  For example, the variable ¡°OCCU¡± represents the occupation of the subject. It was coded as ¡°0=Farmer 1=Others¡±.  To label this variable, enter ¡°Occupation¡± as the label for ¡°OCCU¡±, then click ¡°Save-> Next >>¡±, then enter ¡°Farmer¡± as the label for ¡°OCCU=0¡±, click ¡°Save-> Next >>¡± again and enter ¡°Others¡± as the label for ¡°OCCU=1¡±.

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