Standardize variables

You can standardize continuous variables to z-scores.  Select ¡°Data¡± from main menu and then click ¡°Create z-score¡± or right click any place in the middle panel of ¡°variables view window¡± or right panel of ¡°analysis design window¡±, and then select ¡°Create z-score¡± in the popup menu.

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In the above window, select the variable(s) and click ¡°>>¡± to put it to ¡°Selected variables¡± list, the ¡°selected variables¡± are the variables that you want to standardize.  The new variable name is the original variable name plus ¡°.Z¡±.  You can double click ¡°.Z¡± to change it.   You can standardize the variables within each stratum of a group variable by selecting a ¡°Stratified by¡± variable.

If ¡°MEAN¡± and ¡°STD¡± is from a separate text file (eg. using population standard height for age ¡°mean and std¡± to calculate z-score), you can browse and select the text file. The input text file format requirement is as below:

Description: ScreenHunter_06 Jan. 06 16.15.gif