Automatic Analysis Design

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This module automatically tests for associations between the risk factor(s) and outcome(s) by designing many tables/graphs.

Simply select outcome(s), risk factor(s), adjusting covariates and stratified variable(s), and Empower(S) Automatic Analysis Design will perform the following analysis:

(1)    Characteristics of study population

(2)    Univariate analysis

(3)    Stratified analysis

(4)    Multiple regressions

(5)    Covariates check

(6)    Spline Smoothing plot (If risk variables are continuous)

The module automatically detects whether the outcome variable is binary or continuous and selects logistic or linear regression as appropriate.  You also can specify the distribution and link function for each outcome manually, right click the variable and then select “Change functions”. In the popup window, select the distribution and link function.

What is it used for?

This module is used to do an initial complete analysis on the association of given risk factor(s) with outcome(s).  Based on the results, you can decide which covariates should be included, and whether any interaction tests, threshold or saturate effect analysis should be conducted.

A screen shot of sample design:


Sample outputs: