Cox model regression (Survival analysis)

This module applies Cox proportional hazard model to test for associations between risk factors and survival time.

The risk factors and outcomes can be continuous or categorical variables.  

Given a set of outcomes, risk factors and covariates, this module runs regressions for each outcome and exposure(s).

You can specify 3 different sets of adjustment covariates, which helps to get more insight into how the relationship of risk factor(s) and outcome will be affected by different adjustments.

Stratified variables could be added to direct the module to do the regressions for each group as well as for the whole study population.

This module provides flexibility for designing the output table format (rows and columns). You can specify the columns by stratified subgroups, or outcomes, or exposures or models; you can order the rows by stratified subgroups, outcomes, exposures or models.

What itís used for

This module is used to model the survival time and risk factors.

A screen shot of sample design:


1.       Outcome Variables

2.       Risk Factors

3.       Adjusting Variables (up to 3 sets)

4.       Stratified Variable


A sample output table: