Univariate analysis

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This module tests for associations between each independent variable and each outcome. It is used to identify potential risk factors and confounders.

Given a set of outcomes, a set of risk factors and a set of covariates, this module will perform univariate regression for each outcome with each risk factor and each covariate.  

The module automatically detects whether the outcome variable is binary or continuous and selects logistic or linear regression as appropriate.  You also can specify the distribution and link function for each outcome manually, right click the variable and then select “Change functions”. In the popup window, select the distribution and link function.

If a stratified variable is specified, this module will report the associations within each subgroup as well as the whole sample.

What it’s used for

Univariate analysis is usually the first step to assess the association between the risk factor and outcome, and to identify potential confounders.  

Screen shot of sample designs:

t2_input.gif      t2_input2.gif

Sample output tables:

t2_ureg.gif       t2_ureg_2.gif