Characteristics of study population / Population description

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This module tabulates distributions of demographic variables and other covariates, providing a summary view of the study sample composition which will help to generalize study findings.

If a stratified variable is specified, this module will perform ANOVA (analysis of variance) or t-tests for continuous variables and chi-square tests for categorical variables and report the p-values in the result table.Also, non-parametric rank tests (for continuous variables) and Fisher exact p-values (if count in a cell is small) will be reported in footnotes.

What itís used for

This module is used to describe the population composition. It helps to determine what risk factors (covariates) involved, and helps to generalize the study findings.

A screen shot of sample design:


1.       Outcome Variables (will show on rows in result table)

2.       Stratified Variables (will show on columns)


A sample output table: