Non Graphical Cattell’s Scree Test (nScree)

The nScree is used for determining the number of factors to retain in an exploratory factor analysis. Four different solutions will be output, They are:

·         The classic:   Kaiser-Guttman rule and the Parallel analysis

·         And non graphical solutions to the Cattell subjective scree test:  Acceleration factor and Optimal coordinates index.

For detail, check Gilles Raiche’s paper “Non Graphical Solutions for the Cattell’s Scree Test


Below is the sample input window



Below is the sample output of the above model:



Scree Test


 To determine number of components/factors to retain in exploratory principal component or factor analysis.


 Different solutions are given:


   The classical ones are:


      Kaiser rule:       nkaiser


      Parallel analysis: nparallel,


   and Non graphical solutions to the Cattell subjective scree test:


      Acceleration factor: naf


      Optimal coordinates index (noc).


         noc naf nparallel nkaiser

#Factors   2   1         2       2


In this output, 4 different numbers of factors were given.  They are 2 (noc: optimal coordinates index), 1 (naf: acceleration factor), 2 (nparallel: parallel analysis) and 2 (nkaiser: Kaiser rule)



Empower also output a scree plot.