Construct a Single-Year Life Table Starting at Age 0


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A life table (also called a mortality table or actuarial table) is a table which shows, for each age, what the probability is that a person of that age will die before his or her next birthday, and what the remaining life expectance of he/she has.

Life tables are usually constructed separately for men and for women because of their substantially different mortality rate.  Other characteristics can also be used to distinguish different risks, such as smoking status, occupation, and socio-economic class.

Life tables can be extended to include other information in addition to mortality, for instance health information to calculate health expectancy. Health expectancies, of which disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) and health life years (HLY) are the best-known examples, are the remaining number of years a person can expect to live in a specific health state, such as free of disability.

Fraction of living for the deaths

Fraction of living for the deaths usually was assigned as 0.5, means average living years for the person who died is 0.5 years for that age group. However, for age 0 (infant) and age 1, this number may not be appropriate, as default we assign 0.3 for age 0, and 0.4 for age 1 as the fraction of living.

Input mortality table

Input file is a mortality table for each age and each gender. The file should be saved as tab, comma, or space delimited text file. The first line is column title, and the first column is the age.

You can also copy and paste the mortality data.  Right click the table and then click “Paste text” in the popup menu.

Select mortality column

Click the column title, and in the popup menu, select “Use this column as mortality”. The selected column will be marked with “*”. Empower will calculate life table as mortality column is assigned and all other setting is validated.

Save life table

Click “Save” button, Empower will save the life table to a file you named.

Below is the sample screen shot





Follow me exercise:


Step 1:  download the mortality text file (mortality.txt) for this exercise, save to “…\My documentes\EmpowerStats Files\lifett\mortality.txt”

Step 2:  click browse (…) button, select the mortality file as “…\My documentes\EmpowerStats Files\lifett\mortality.txt”




Step 3: click column “female”, and then select “use this column as mortality”              


  Life table will be calculated and show in right panel as: