Empower(R) Manual

Start Empower

·         Install Empower

·         Register user account

Start New Project

·         Read text file

·         Empower (.epd) data file

·         Create .dst file

Open Project

·         View/edit project setting

·         Explore working directory

·         Share your analysis online

Data/Variables Manipulation

·         Variables view window

·         Select variable

·         Analysis design window

·         View data distribution

·         Label variables

·         Show/hide variable coding

·         Treat categorical as continuous

·         Categorize variable

·         Recode variable

·         Create new variable

·         Standardize variables

·         Residual & predicted

·         Transpose variables to records

·         Transpose records to variables

·         Statistics over multiple records

·         Statistics within each record

·         Check duplicate IDs, class report

·         Variables miss pattern and report

·         Merge/append data files

·         Export and View

Analysis design

·         Select observation

·         Set output decimal

·         Select output format

·         Select/enter variable(s)

·         View outputs

·         Review/revise analysis design

Advanced analysis modules

·         Automatic analysis design

·         Population selection

·         Population description

·         Univariate analysis

·         Stratified analysis

·         Multiple regression

·         Interaction test

·         Covariate check

·         Cox model regression

·         Kaplan-Meier survival curve

·         Spline smoothing plot

·         Threshold analysis

·         SNPs regression

·         Mixed models

Basic analysis modules

·         Normality test

·         Test for mean

o    One sample t test

o    Two sample t test

o    Analysis of variance

·         Test for frequency

o    One way frequency table

o    Two way frequency table

·         Correlation

o    Correlation coefficient

o    Polychoric correlation

o    Intraclass correlation

·         Regression

o    Generalized linear model

o    Generalized additive model

o    Generalize estimate equation

o    Conditional logistic model

o    Generalized additive mixed model

o    Robust linear regression

·         Survival analysis

o    Kaplan-Meier curve

o    Cox model

·         Non-parametric test

o    Two sample U test

o    Nonparametric ANOVA

·         Multivariate analysis

o    Multivariate normality test

o    Mahalanobis distance

o    Hoteling T2 test

o    Multivariate ANOVA

o    Two sample profile analysis

o    Multivariate regression using GEE

o    Scree test

o    Factor analysis

o    Principle component analysis


·     Text trim

·     Text match

·         Power simulation

·         Life table