Select records and/or variables, output a new file


3 options of output file format:


1)      Tab delimited text file

2)      HTML table

3)      Empower data file (.epd). 

Empower (.epd) data file is a tab delimited text file with header information. The first line of header is the number of variables. Start from the 2nd line lists each variable’s name, coding and label information each line for each variable.  Column title (variables name) comes after that and then data lines.


A sample input window is as:



Select records:


You can output all records or selected records. Following conditions could be applied to select records:


1)      A statement define the conditions, such as “AGE>20”, “SEX=1”, or combined conditions such as “AGE>20 and SEX=1”

2)      Select part of records based on order, such as first 10 records, and/or last 10 records, or the first of a variable (drop duplicates). The order the records could be based on sorting of a variable or several variables.

To sort the variable(s), select variable(s) from the right “Variables” list and put to the “Order records by:” list. The records will be sorted by the first selected variable and then by the second selected variable if there is one, and so on.


A sample input window of sort and select records is as:



Select variables:


You can output all variables or selected variables. To select variables, move the variables from “Dropped variables” list to “Selected variables” list.


Check “Keep variables as order in selected list” if you want.