Open existing project

·         Click “Project” -> “Open”, in main menu.

·         Click “Browse” to select your project’s “.ini” file. If your project .ini file is listed in the previously working projects list, select it from that list.

Description: Description: SNAGHTML825c8

·         Click “Open” button to open the project .ini file.

View/edit project setting

In the Empower(R) main window, click the project name (eg. “demo2”) in the left panel to view and modify the project setting.

Description: Description: SNAGHTML8b921

The setting marked with “*” could be changed.

Change project name, description, R data directory:

Type in new project name, description, R data directory in the corresponding text box and click “Save the changes” button.

Explore working directory:

Double click the working directory text box to explore the working directory contents.

Share your analysis online:

Once you have done some analysis, you want to communicate/share your results with other.  The simplest and efficient way is to create a password protected website for your project and upload your results online.  These people who have your website address and password can visit your project website to look your analysis. 

Check the box for “Save a local website”, and click “Create Project Website” will create a project website saved as in a subdirectory under project working directory.  For example, the “demo2” project website will be save under a subdirectory named as “demo2_website”.  You can transfer files in this directory to your web server to publish your analysis.

If you did not have a web service to host your project website, you can use EmpowerStats hosting to host your project website.  Simply check “I accept the term of use” and click “Upload Project Website”, you will be prompted to enter a password for protecting your website if this is the first time to create the website.  You will see Empower(S) uploading each file.

After Empower(R) finished uploading project files, you will be directed to project website.  Enter project name as the username, and the password you just created.

Description: Description: C:\Users\Cathy\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML4a4a0aa.PNG

Below is a sample project website:

Description: Description: C:\Users\Cathy\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML4a862d0.PNG