Start a new project

Click “Project” -> “New” open “Start a New Project” window (see below).

Name the project in “Project name” box (eg. “bpbmi”)

Give a brief description of the project (optional) in “Project description” box.

Click “Browse” button to select your data file.  Data file could be R data (.Rdata file), delimited text file (tab, comma, space delimited).

If your PC has SAS installed, Empower(R) can read SAS dataset (.sas7bdat file). 

Description: ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 17 12.40.gif

Working directory was pre-selected as same as your data file directory.  Working directory is the directory where you will save all the result files and project configuration file (.ini) file. 

Read text data file

Click “>> Check text file format” to view and configure how to read your text file. 

Using the “demo.xls” as an example, the view of the text file is as below:

Description: ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 17 12.41.gif 

Select the variables name line, and click “>> Variable name:” button, the line number will be added to the button text

In the right panel, variables name and type will be listed. “N” indicates numerical, “$” indicates character/string.  You can change the variable name as well as the variable type. Right click a variable’s name, select “Change name” or change type from the popup menu (see below): 

Description: ScreenHunter_09 Sep. 25 23.47.gif

Select the first record, and click “>> First record: “, the line number will be added to the button text

If you do not want to read all the record (read to the end of the file), you can select the record that you want to stop, and click “>> Last record:”, otherwise, it is automatic set to “To the end”

Check delimiter.  Empower(S) detects “Tab” ,”Space” or “Comma” delimiter automatically. For other delimiter, check “Other” and enter the character or string that is the delimiter between variables.

If your data file had quoted string, and the delimiter(s) within the quotes need to be ignored when reading the data, you need to check “Quoted string (the quote will be removed in output data)”

Click the data line or “<<” and “>>” button to view the reading of the selected record. This is to check if the record was read correctly.

If your data file was well formatted, that is:

(1)     The first line is variables name line, data line starts at the second line and end to the last line;

(2)      tab” or “space” or “comma” delimited, no error in reading each line.

Empower(R) will automatically detect all these settings, read the file directly (skip showing the text view window).

After you configured the reading of your text file, click “Ok” button. Empower(R) will read the text file based on your configuration.

Create .dst file

After you specified the data file name and working directory, Empower(R) will created a R program to read the data, run basic statistics for each variable, and summarize the results to a text file called .dst file.  You can click “View R code for creating .dst file” to view this R program. 

As .dst file is opened, you will enter the “variables view window” as below:

Description: ScreenHunter_07 Nov. 17 12.51.gif